Thursday 31 August – Seymour to Nagambie

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What you need to know. 
Some sections of the walk will not take place continuously. 

Instead, the walk will take place in stages, with short stretches of driving to avoid dangerous parts of the route. 

Walking on high-speed stretches of open road without footpaths poses an unacceptable risk to participant safety,  which means Michael's route to Canberra has been altered. This change will enable us to prioritise walking in major population areas, making the walk accessible and ultimately maximising the number of people Michael can engage and share his message with. 

Please note this means that if you intend to join the walk for the entire day, you will need to have your own transportation arranged to get from the end point of one stage, to the start point of the next. 

Day 5 comprises three stages.

Stage one – 9.45am for a 10am start
Seymour Trade Training Centre to Lions Park on Manners St (2.2km)

Stage two – 12.45pm for a 1pm start
Avenel Roadhouse to Harvest Home Avenel (2.4km)

Stage three – 2.15pm for a 2.30pm start
Nagambie Recreation Reserve to Nagambie Information Centre (1.5km)

3pm: arrive at Nagambie Information Centre